We are Silicon Team

In 2017 we changed the game

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Our offices around the world

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Our talented team

Ralph Edwards

Founder & CEO, Uber

Albert Flores

Principal Consultant, Twitch

Jenny Wilson

UX Designer, Glassdoor

Marvin McKinney

Product Manager, Google

Esther Howard

VP of Strategy, Stretto Inc.

Cameron Williamson

Co-Founder, Invision LTD

Jerome Bell

Strategic Advisor, Shopify

Darrell Steward

Senior Project Manager, Uber

Company built by a global team of innovators

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24/7Customer support
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At Ingenia Projects, we specialize in AI automation, business intelligence, and software development, helping businesses innovate and thrive in a competitive landscape. Our team is dedicated to delivering customized, cutting-edge solutions that drive efficiency and growth.

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